Wednesday, 21 September 2011

facing our fears

last saterday when i was chillin with my sister on the balcony i told maself i am going to stand on the edge,,,
and stay for a few good seconds!
i never realised how much of a coward until i had to see whats down there,,, fear of falling and dying right there took over my mind and strength.
A prophet from the Church said that "A foolish man wants to conquer the world,,, but a wise man tries to conquer himself first."
i fell inlove with those words because we always want to conquer the world and do all these great things when we are not in tuned with our spirits.
this is very dangerous and i thowt of how much of a coward i am without realising that me wanting to do this is actually the first step towards

me conquering myself!
and then the world!!!!

Monday, 19 September 2011

looking good is never a sin

people of different races, sizes, culture, personalities,

and religion all have an indirect connection when it comes to fashion because its a universal language spoken by some, feared by most and embraced by many,, and those who can.....